Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Autumn of My Life

It recently occurred to me that I am now smack dab in the Autumn of my life.  The days of 'younger than Springtime' are so long ago and far away I can hardly remember them.  The Summer of my life, when things were at their busiest, raising my children, having lots of energy and lots of big dreams, seems to have faded and been replaced by Autumn. 

The colors now are changing and fading; things are becoming dry and wrinkled and crinkly.  The barometer registers regularly in the aches and pains of knees and feet and hands.  But Autumn has always been a favorite time for me. I won't wish it away.  I love the cooler weather that invites cozy clothes and a slower pace.  The shorter days require fewer activities to fill them and encourage quiet evenings at home, hunkered down with a blanket and a good movie or a compelling book.

It certainly is a time of adjustment, but the changes are welcome.  My family is growing, but without me having to do the nine-month thing anymore.  I don't mind letting that task fall to others. 

I intend to use this time for gathering in the harvest of my life's efforts, to draw my family to me as often as possible.  And I intend to spend everyday in some form of Thanksgiving.

Summer is past.  Youth is over.  But I am still here, still full of life and love, ready to embrace this season of change.  May it come gently and graciously.

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Kim said...

I think you're still in what I'd call "Indian summer."