Friday, October 15, 2010

Finally got it Right

For years I have faced a dilemma.  There is nothing more comforting to me than a nice cup of hot chocolate.  As soon as the weather turns chilly at all, I immediately take the opportunity to wrap my hands around a heated mug, drawing warmth to my hands as well as my insides.

But the challenge lies in that most cocoa mixes are just too sweet.  Why would I want to pour all that sugar into my body, when all I really want is the chocolate?  I have tried 'sugar-free' cocoa mixes.  They work in a pinch but are not all that satisfying.  I have a recipe for cocoa that is not too sweet but it makes a large batch.  This is great for me but not welcomed by my family because they like it sweeter, so it usually goes to waste.

Recently, my daughter Miranda, who worked at a cafe and became expert at making cappuccinos and lattes, taught me the fine art of steaming milk.  I began to see that this had promise towards the perfect cup of hot chocolate.  Then through a lot of fun experimenting (Thanks, Suzie!) with chocolate chips and flavored creamers, I finally found the perfect combination for me.

I steam a mug of milk until it is piping hot and frothy and foamy.  I stir in a block of unsweetened baking chocolate which I have chopped.  Are you with me?  Milk and chocolate so far.  That's all.  Then I add a small amount of French Vanilla coffee creamer that has just a little bit of sugar in it.

I did it!  I found the recipe for the most satisfying, amazing cup of heaven.  I can drink it without feeling like I am having dessert for breakfast. 

I'll save the sugar for the donut....


Laura said...

Sounds delicious!
Larry and I were scouring the internet last night for a yummy vegan hot chocolate recipe. I'll soon be experimenting for MY perfect cup of chocolate. :-)

Kim said...

Mmmmm sounds divine!

Missus Wookie said...

I like my milk heated and whipped, with a tsp of dark cocoa powder and another of coffee. Agave is lovely and not as calorific as sugar.