Sunday, October 24, 2010

Unspoken Words

Do you ever find that there are some words we choose to leave unspoken?  That even though they weigh heavily upon our minds, it is easier to just ignore their reality?  We look at the bright side, and quietly push away the "what might have been".

We have had one of the longest weeks of our lives, and it hasn't even been a whole week yet.  We have experienced concern, worry, relief, more concern, curiosity, wonder, gratitude, more concern.  Yet through it all we try to keep in the background the fact that our lives, though disrupted, have not been changed in the biggest way imaginable.  I know we have each thought about it individually.  I know that we have said many silent prayers of relief that the inevitable has been avoided for now. We have communicated this relief with our eyes, and with meaningful embraces, choosing not to actually say out loud what we have all been thinking.

We talk about new perspective.  We talk about a new lease on life.  We step out on our new path, determined to appreciate everything on a new level.

And yet we never say the words.


Nancy said...

Things, like this that you have experienced, bring you closer together and closer to the Lord. It helps you remember what is really important in life. Our prayers are still with both of you.

Kim said...

I'm so glad that the words may have gone unspoken, but that you were able to communicate them instead of just wish you could've! Hope things are going well ~ you were missed today! Know you all were mentioned in just about every prayer I heard.

Anonymous said...

emotion has a flourishing lexicon that leaves us speechless at times, without words appropriate enough to express, explain, expound....until it has entered the soul.

Laura said...

I agree with Kim and I am so glad that he is on the road of recovery. Your family is in our prayers!