Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm Learning So Much

I need to take a break from my project, to come up for a little air.  I have been working on my book, and what a process it is.  Very interesting!  I am learning a lot about myself.  I am learning how I best work, what distracts me the most, and what I am willing to sacrifice in order to be productive.

I am certain that if I hadn't received such kind encouragement from my friends and family I never would have  embarked on this incredible journey.  I have felt inspiration and direction, and I am excited to be pursuing this lifelong dream.

My book is a non-fiction work focussing on a personal discovery.  It isn't a long book; it succinctly describes my journey accompanied by what I hope is motivation to embark on a similar personal journey of one's own.

My working title is "It Beginneth to be Delicious to Me."

I am fine-tuning now; verifying references; trimming the fat.  My goal is to be ready to submit it for publication by the end of the month.  I have passed it to a few people to pre-read, seeking input, suggestions, and mostly validation that I am on the right track.

Their comments have been very encouraging.

While I am realistic about the likelihood of rejection, my husband and I are commited to finding a way to make sure this is published.  He is my greatest supporter, and his faith in me is very gratifying.

I will try to keep my blog readers updated on the process.  Let's hope for the best!


Kim said...

I'm glad you're having such a great experience ~ fulfilling a goal gives one a sense of sweet satisfaction that is unequalled. I've always wanted to write as well....I just need to find my idea.

Laura said...

I'm sure it is amazing!! And no doubt, it will be published. I'd love to be your first customer! :-)

Nancy said...

I'm glad you have written this book, I'm looking forward to reading it. This will be a wonderful thing to leave for your children and grandchildren, a great legacy.