Friday, July 16, 2010

Zippity-ay and Heidi-ho!

There is one thing grandmothers should never miss--their grandchildren's birthdays.  Yes, I put a package in the mail a few days ago, and yes, I allowed plenty of time for it to reach its destination, and yes, I handpicked gifts that I thought would delight her.  But I am not there.  I am not with my granddaughter on her first birthday.  Feeling quite at a loss.

What a year full of love we have had, fortunate to see her several times during her first twelve months.  Evelyn's parents have done a great job recording her first year with wonderful photographs.  So here is a birthday celebration of the little lady whom I love so much.
I love you, Miss Evelyn.  You fill our lives with joy.


Kim said...

LOVE the pictures! Happy Birthday to Evelyn :-)

Nancy said...

I can't wait to meet you Miss Evelyn!! Happy birthday!!

Laura said...

She is adorable!! The photos are great. I'm sure she loved her presents from you :-)
Happy first birthday Evelyn!