Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blogging your own book

When I first began blogging, nearly a year ago in September, I questioned the permanence and lasting value of a blog.  I had read a scripture which indicated that unless something is written on metal plates it will certainly perish.  I pondered the difference between what should be included on my "small plates" and my "large plates".  I wrote a blog entitled What is Lasting?

While I don't pretend that my humble efforts merit being preserved on gold, I do think my efforts merit being bound into a book.  So that is what I do. 
The forum I use to do this is called Blog2Print.  It is a very easy process and I have been so pleased with the results. 

If you are a blogger too and have considered making all your work a little more tangible, a little more lasting, follow this link.  Your posterity will thank you.


Nancy said...

This is a great way to journal! I enjoy reading about your quest.

Laura said...

Thanks for the link, I love how you have your blog in book form.
I'm going to do the same so we can reminisce all our achievements and shenanigans.

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing the link ~ I think it's a fabulous idea!!

Sherri said...

Thank you! I need to do this!