Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Heart Says "Vivez!"

There is nothing as invigorating as a brisk morning walk.  How quickly I forget.  Determined to put behind me the excuses which lately have been winning, I set off under beautiful blue skies before the temperature had risen too much.  It was exactly the lift my heart was needing.  I hummed along with the BeeGees, with a little boogie in my step, thankful for the renewed desire for "Stayin' Alive";  I commited with Creed to "tattoo my heart on my sleeve"; and I embraced the reminder of Marguerite from "The Scarlet Pimpernel" to Vivez!  To Live!

I ask myself why I am familiar with so many obscure musicals, with musical scores that seem to benefit only me.  The Scarlet Pimpernel was on Broadway for too short of a run.  Then they reworked it, brought it back, and again, it only ran for a limited time.  Such a waste.  It is truly one of my favorites.  I love every song.  My children grew up singing these songs. 

One of those songs has recently spoken directly to me, has seemed to be the message I am most needing to hear.  It brilliantly goes back and forth between free-spirited Marguerite and her uptight friends.  She is trying to convince them to actively seek the joy in life, to forsake their prim and proper natures and let their hair down.  Could she be speaking to me?  Well, perhaps she is speaking to you.  You decide.  And try to overlook the old-fashioned usage of the word "gay", if you can....


Mes amis, je suis enchantee
Simply to move through the sunlight
Open your arms to this warm, bright
Moment embracing us

You have one life, let it be gay
Shouldn't one do as one's told to?
No, let the moment enfold you
Grab up your one golden chance
Darlings, life is such romance
Give this world a sweeping glance
Let it set your soul a-dancing night and day

Live, here's to life, let us be gay
Let go of each inhibition
No one need give you permission
What are you waiting for?

Vivez! Live!
No one lets loose every which way
Life is too short to be guarded
I think I'm quite open-hearted
Loosen that heart if you dare
Come and lay your passions bare
But, my dear, if people stare...
Then it's time to let your hair come tumbling down

What of propriety?
There are rules we obey in society
You prefer to live calmly and quietly
But your heart wants to play

Oh, vivez!
You have one life, let it be gay
Don't put it off till you're dying
Now is the time to be flying
Grab up your one golden chance
Darlings, life is such romance
Life is tossing you a new bouquet
Meet your heart half-way
And your heart will say vivez!

I am thankful life is tossing me a new bouquet.  I intend to grasp it with both hands, find the joy that so easily becomes forgotten.  Though there will be time for living calmly and quietly, I prefer now to take advantage of my waning youth and grab up my one golden chance.  Won't you join me?


Laura said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! :-)

neffie said...

I LOVE the Scarlet Pimpernel! I have not seen the musical but I have the soundtrack and I so *heart* it.

BUT the Hale theatre (I think that's what it's called) in SLC, UT has performed The Scarlet Pimpernel for the last several years. I regret not seeing it when I was living there but I'm determined to make a weekend of it one of these days! Because I REALLY want to see it. I'll get you some more info if you'd like.

Kim said...

I am missing out because I've neither seen this musical nor am I familiar with it's score. I do love the words to that song though ~ ones I need to remind myself of every day!