Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Violated my own rule!

Let me explain.  I live in the Willamette Valley, the most beautiful place on earth in my opinion.  We are surrounded on every side by green, particularly beautifully green fir trees.  This is such the perfect climate for fir trees that our valley is one of the leading producers of Christmas trees which are then shipped all over the country.

Because of this, my family delights every year in going to any possible number of nearby tree farms to select the perfect Christmas tree, cut it down fresh, and then enjoy its freshness the entire month of December.  I know that most people have resorted to artificial Christmas trees for several reasons.  I understand that over the years it becomes cost-effective not to re-purchase every year.  I understand that it simplifies the process to a large degree, not only on the set-up but also on the taking down.  I understand that it diminishes the fire danger.  I understand that they don't shed their needles.  Okay, that's about all I can come up with.

Now, for the downsides.  Where is the fragrance?  Where is the magic of a real tree in your living room?  Where is the beauty that simply can't be replicated by an artificial tree?  Where is the diversity of having a different variety each year? 

I love fresh trees.  I will always love fresh trees, and as long as I am able I will continue to enjoy fresh trees.

So what's up with this?!!  As we speak, there is a delightful little artificial tree set up and decorated in my living room!

Because we are having Christmas in Florida, Brian and I decided that we didn't need the hassle of putting up a tree at home this year.  I had purchased a small fake tree to be shipped to our resort so that we can enjoy it for Christmas down in the sunshine state.  Well, it was actually Miranda in her wisdom that suggested that we give it a trial-run and set it up in our home before we go.  Oh, what fun!  I am thrilled with it.  It is adorable.  It was sooooo easy to put up.  We didn't have to move any furniture.  We didn't have to get out the vacuum when we were finished.  Well, you get the picture.

Does this mean I have changed my tune?  Does this mean I have been converted and joined the "dark side"?  Heavens no!  Next year you can be sure that I will have things back to normal around here.

But for now, I will grudgingly admit that artificial trees can also be kind of charming...;-)


Cheressa said...

We have an artificial tree and we LOVE it! All of the things you listed were the reasons for ours. Your tree looks awesome! Have fun in Florida!!

neffie said...

I love our treks to get a live tree. But for some reason I've missed the last couple treks...

Laura said...

Oh no, don't go to the dark side! It's so much more than just the tree, it's the whole experience. Next year, if you're tempted to go to the dark side, call me in your hour of weakness and I'll take to you a beautiful christmas tree farm to snap you out of it. Once you have that saw in your hand, smell the trees and think of the hot cocoa coming to warm you up after.... Oh yes, that will definitely snap you out of your temptation :-)