Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Had a wonderful...

Thanksgiving!  I enjoyed it so much.  We spent our holiday at Lincoln City, so cozy inside the beach house, while the rains never abated the entire day.  Good thing there were plenty of things to do inside.

Erica was our activities director for the day, and based her plans on the movie, Dan in Real Life.  The setting for the movie is a family reunion gathering where everyone is staying together in the same house.  We had lots of fun doing similar things, like a ping pong tournament, boys against the girls crossword puzzle, playing board games, and a surprising and entertaining talent show.  The outdoor activities like football, aerobics, and yoga will have to wait for another time.

Jackie came home too which made it so nice.  She also contributed to the fun by sharing some of her skills with the family.  She gave facials and foot massages, procedures at which she has become very adept.  But my favorite skill she shared was baking her beautiful, yummy pies.  Thanks, Jacks!

We were so blessed to have the company of the full-time missionaries with us that day.  Elder Petersen and Elder Christensen are such fun young men.  I hope that we were able to make them feel a little like being home with their families that day.

I am so overwhelemed by the blessings of the Lord on my family.  My thanksgiving prayer is that we can use these blessings to be instruments in the Lord's hands to help build His Kingdom.  He truly has opened the windows of heaven and poured out an abundance on the Haws family.  Very humbling, indeed.


Laura said...

What a fabulous Thanksgiving! Your family is awesome!

5Youngers said...

What a great Thanksgiving. Love the choice of movie and games. Those pies look YUMMY!