Saturday, December 19, 2009

In the gritty city...

Well, kind of!  At least as gritty as downtown Salem gets.  Tonight, sensing that I needed a reprieve from all of my trip preparations, my sweet husband took me out.  Without any real plan, we just drove hoping that some invisible divining rod would lead us to something magical.

We drove down Court Street, looking for something new and exciting.  Brian had heard there was a great new place to find Greek food.  After circling the block, we spotted it, found a parking spot and went out to explore.

Hmmmmm....maybe some other time.  It didn't look like quite what I was expecting and we both kind of vetoed it simultaneously.  But the weather wasn't bad and the "city" was calling.  So arm in arm, we set off to find something else.  I was struck by how our own little Salem actually seemed a little like New York City in some ways.  There were interesting people gathered in random little groups; we saw compelling little boutiques; glimpsing in to "Straight from New York Pizza" was just like seeing the pizza joints in the Big Apple.

Rather than adventurously trying some place new, we migrated to our comfort zone, McGrath's Fish House.  Delightfully surprised however, we found an updated menu with some new offerings.

Can I tell you about the most delicious  dinner that I had?  It was fabulous, actually.  It was a small sirloin steak (I get a little nervous ordering steak in a seafood restaurant) that was topped with crabmeat and a lobster cream sauce.  Oh my stars.  Heaven on a plate.  I stopped short of licking the plate, but I was tempted.

Thank you, my dear.  It was an unexpected, lovely evening filled with wonderful food, wonderful company, and the best part, the wonderful conversation.


Nancy said...

It's so nice when dating your husband is still great!

Kim said...

I'll have to try some of this "heaven on a plate." Sounds like a fun evening!

Laura said...

Sounds like a wonderful date night!