Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Where are the One-Year-Olds?

"It's too quiet..... Where are the One-year-olds?"  Robert's mother-in-law asked in the aftermath of a huge family Christmas.  Our granddaughter Evelyn is blessed to have two cousins her same age, all born within just a few weeks of each other.  When they get together they have all kinds of fun. 
That wise grandmother knew that quiet can be dangerous and sent one to investigate. This is what Uncle Brad found:  Evelyn and her cousins were in an upstairs bathroom, gathered around the toilet.  They had filled it with toilet paper and toys, were playing with the plunger, soaked from head to toe with toilet water, and were eating the wet toilet paper.

Their only comments, from their limited vocabulary?  "Uh oh!"

I can only imagine, as they continue to grow up together, all the adventures these three will have. 


Nancy said...

Too cute!! Love the picture and the story! Quiet one year olds mean trouble ;)

neffie said...

That's adorable!!