Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Stockings are Hung

What was I thinking?!  Last year, I decided we needed new Christmas Stockings.  We have had some new additions to our family and I wanted everyone to match. 

I found some great double-sided fabric.  Beautiful.  I decided I could make my own pattern.  I had access to a sewing factory, complete with a professional embroidery machine.  These were going to be awesome.

The results?  Quite comical-looking, really LONG stockings.
Aside from their ridiculous proportions, they take  A LOT of stuff to fill them!  Poor Santa....

Here is another picture.  See?  they are bigger than my grandbaby!


Derek Young said...

I saw my name! :-)

Ardith Haws said...

Then, Derek, you need to hurry and come!

Nancy said...

Big stockings are nice!

Laura said...

Those stockings are awesome!!
Can stockings ever be too big? It just means more presents to fill them! :-)