Friday, December 17, 2010

My Own Fezziwig

The Dicken's Classic, A Christmas Carol, has become part of our lives.  Every year there seems to be a new addtion to the extensive catalog of Christmas Carol versions.  And what a wonderful reminder of the impact of internalizing the Spirit of Christmas, as Scrooge gives us examples of how to act, and how not to act.

Many characters from the story have been brought to life by memorable actors, and round out the story of Scrooge's exploratory journey.  A favorite of mine is Mr. Fezziwig.  As you'll recall, he is Ebenezer's kind and jolly former employer, who throws a big Christmas party for his employees.  He epitomizes the generous soul who knows how to treat those who work for him.

Every day of every year I have the opportunity to see a Fezziwig in action, and particularly enjoy observing from the sidelines during the Annual Summit Sportswear Christmas Potluck Luncheon, which just happened to be today.  This is the time that my husband hands out Christmas Bonuses to his 100+ employees and announces the winners of the door prizes. This is followed by an extensive potluck buffet, lavish with authentic dishes from the Russian, Asian, and Mexican people who work there.  Brian and I contribute hams and au gratin potatoes every year.  They seem very plain and "American" next to the exotic dishes that the others bring.

It is evident that Brian inspires loyalty and fosters good feelings in his factory.  These sweet, hardworking people love to show their appreciation to their kind boss by giving humble gifts.  And they often extend their kindness to me, "The Boss's Wife".  This year I came home with a bowl full of real handmade tamales, given to me by a sweet little lady.  From her limited English, I could tell she was offering something which made her very proud to give because she had heard that I love tamales.

I feel so blessed.  I have a husband that works hard to take care of not only our family, but he feels such a responsibility to help maintain these good workers and their families, by providing them with stable, secure jobs.  These people work so hard at really difficult jobs.  I have bent over a sewing machine for eight hours and know the aches and pains it causes.  And they do it every day for years and years.

Blessings come in unusual packages.  Sometimes they are savory bundles wrapped up in corn husks.  Sometimes they are in a compassionate hardworking husband. 

I came home today from the party with a Christmas bonus of my own.  After having shipped his order, Brian found himself with an extra top from a Nike Track program.  Hmmmmm, looks like my size.  Pretty cute, huh?

Thanks, Mr. Fezziwig.


Laura said...

That is so awesome! Sounds like a wonderful and delicious afternoon!

Kim said...

What a sweet story!! The best gifts are usually the simple ones!

neffie said...

I LOVE this post! You and Brian are amazing people and it's a Christmas miracle that your size was an extra :-) LOL

That is a cute top. You know, I LOVE the leftover jacket that I got at bingo earlier this year.

Merry Christmas!~