Friday, December 10, 2010

The Pieces are Coming Together

Don't you love it when you are working on a jigsaw puzzle and the fragmented image slowly but surely starts to come into focus;  when your efforts, which at times had seemed futile, begin to show promise?  What had begun as an exercise of faith in the puzzlemakers, is now confirmed as a real image, and not just a hodge podge of random colors and shapes.

I love it when the apparent randonmness of life's components begin to take shape as well and the colors of life show their purpose.  Sometimes they are real mysteries that become explained.

I am finding in my life that the times of clarity may not always be dominant, but I am so thankful when, for one reason or another, I am blessed to have an "A Ha!" moment.  This past Fall has been full of turmoil, chaos, stress, and unrest.  I will never forget the feelings of humility and inadequacy and worry.  But truthfully, my life has been blessed with peace and assurance that Someone else is running the show, is aware of my situation, and loves me!  The puzzle pieces are coming together.  I am learning that I don't have all the answers, but I do know the source.

And that's enough.


Laura said...

Love this post!! Thanks!

Unknown said...

I love your thoughts! You should publish a book!
THANKS for Sharing!

neffie said...

I also LOVE this post!