Monday, November 15, 2010

I've Had a Craving

Ever since I stumbled upon a movie on Netflix last week, I have had a craving for tapioca pudding.  Really.  And it wasn't a craving that could be satisfied even by Kozy Shack. 

The movie is called New in Town, starring Renee Zellweger and a personal favorite, Harry Connick Jr.

I'm not sure how I missed this movie when it came out.  It is particularly a find because it is only rated PG.  There are several things, besides Harry, that drew me in.  Being set in winter in Minnesota, it reminded me in many ways of my Idaho winters while I was in high school.  Vanity was traded in for big warm coats, boots, mittens, hats.  Just battling the cold becomes the main objective.  Been there.

I was also able to enjoy the poking fun done at scrapbookers and busybody moms.  Hmmmm.  I can relate to those also. 

One of those busybody moms, Blanch, loved to make tapioca pudding.  For her, it was just the thing for whatever ails you.  It could bring comfort and warmth even on the worst, coldest day.

I found a website for New in Town, which is entertaining by itself.  It includes several fun things, including Blanch's recipe for Tapioca Pudding.
You know what?  I made a batch of homemade tapioca and it is delicious; much better than anything full of preservatives.  Just the thing for whatever ails you, "doncha know"?


Laura said...

I've had that movie in my instant que for ages & have never gotten around to it. Glad to hear it is good!
PS. I love Harry too! :-)

Kim said...

Love this movie! I also didn't hear of it until after it was out on dvd.