Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Up to Me!

We enjoy a pretty good division of duties in my family.  My husband takes care of all our financial, spiritual, and comedic needs, and I try to make life sweet and peaceful.  It works out well.  I am quite sure I have the best arrangement.

There is one responsibility that always seems to fall upon my shoulders though, which presents a little pressure sometimes; I am the Family "Cruise" Director.  All the fun, all the activities, all the entertainment seem to be run through me and my energies.  Part of that includes being the tradition coordinator.  Those traditions that have already been established must be perpetuated by, you guessed it, me!  And when a need for new traditions arises, it becomes my challenge to think of creative, worthwhile additions to our arsenal. Tough job, but someone's gotta do it.....

A couple of years ago I decided to start a Thanksgiving tradition.  We began a family album solely devoted to Thanksgiving Day.  I would like to share what we have so far.  This serves two purposes; to document it as family history on my blog, but also to remind my family that we will be adding to the album again this year.

I love reading the blessings that each person wrote on their personal pages.  Some are obvious; some are not!  I love my family.


Ivon said...

I love your family too.

Laura said...

How wonderful you have an album just for Thanksgiving. It is a gratitude journal that your family will love looking back on throughout the years! You're an awesome mom!
I love this idea!!

Kim said...

What a fun and meaningful keepsake!!