Thursday, November 4, 2010

Be Careful How You Wish

I have the best family.  They are so sensitive to my needs.  And last night, I needed someone else to make dinner, and I needed a free evening of mindless, light entertainment without election results, or other frustrating distractions.

So Brian and Miranda went through the drive-thru at KFC and brought home comfort food.  Perfect.  And Brian's Executive Secretary purposely did not schedule any appointments for Brian so he could stay home, put his leg up and get some rest.

And Miranda had stumbled upon The Incredible Mr. Limpet on Netflix, so we all sat down together as a family and watched a favorite movie from my childhood.

Now, this may seem hardly noteworthy.  But as the end credits of the movie were rolling, playing a song called "Be Careful How You Wish," I couldn't help but feel a little that it was singing just for me.

If you aren't familiar with this movie, first of all, I recommend it.  It is about an unfulfilled man looking for a way to contribute.  He feels like, well, like a fish out of water, questioning where he fits in and what he has to offer.  He is discouraged and wishes he were a fish because as he perceives, they must have happy, carefree lives.

Henry Limpet's life soon changes very drastically from what it was before.  It is filled with drama, confusion, discovery, new friendships, heroism, and self-satisfaction.  His wishes may have been fulfilled in ways he could never have foreseen, but he came to realize that they were in his best interest.

Have your "wishes", or your prayers ever been answered in unforeseeable ways?  Perhaps in ways that have taken you off guard?  Some of life's greatest tests are usually in answer to our seeking for change, or longing for new challenges.

Be careful what you wish for....

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Kim said...

I learned that lesson as a child from Fantasy Island! I love Don Knotts but haven't seen this film ~ thanks for the heads up!