Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Power of Positive Expectation

Early in our marriage, Brian and I established a precedent.  We realized the power that lies in the simple concept of Postive Expectation.  As a result, we have tried to always have something fun to look forward to.  It needn't be extravagant, expensive, or over the top.  It simply needs to be out of the ordinary; something that can fill our minds with hope, that the mundane and everyday stuff will eventually be broken up with a diversion.

Last month on my birthday, knowing that I was right in the middle of the wedding hullabaloo, Brian had the wisdom to look down the road a little bit.  He knew that eventually life would return to normal, our pace would slow down, and we might need a little something to jumpstart things.  So he gave me the best possible gift:  tickets to a concert deep in the month of September.
At the time, how could he possibly have known that I would be teaching Seminary again?  That more than ever, I would need a bright spot at the end of my day?  Well, he must be even more wise than I have given him credit for.  Thank you, my dear, for the diversion.  I am needing it desperately.

And I love that the tickets were accompanied by a handwritten note from Harry.... Not sure how you managed that....;-)


Laura said...

That is cool with a capital c!

Kim said...

How fun!!

Nancy said...

What a thoughtful guy!!