Sunday, September 12, 2010

Coming to the Feast

I love the stories of the Book of Mormon.  I love the dramatic parts, I love the heroic parts, I love the tender parts.  Maybe I have finally grown up beyond the tales of "long ago (when) their fathers came from far across the sea, given this land if they lived righteously."

Now I love the doctrines found in this beautiful book.  I love the lessons and the messages and the teachings that "speak of Christ, that rejoice in Christ...."  They are the real reason to study the scriptures every day.  This book possesses the power of God's word to touch us, lift us, teach us, inspire us.  We can be better people by opening its pages and letting the light of the Gospel soak into our pores.  It is no coincidence that our bodies crave the light that comes from the sun; our homesick spirits crave the Light that radiates from the Son of God, as we wander so far from our heavenly home.  He hasn't left us in darkness, devoid of the warmth of his spirit and the light of his love.  They are available to us everyday.  It is as simple as turning on a light switch.  The switch lies in opening the holy scriptures and coming to the Feast.

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Kim said...

We really had a feast today ~ you must've been inspired!! A friend had invited me to volunteer with her today at the Deaf School and because it is a great service project, I almost did, but had a feeling that I shouldn't volunteer today. Thank goodness, because man what I would've missed....