Thursday, March 11, 2010

Perfect Travel Companion

I need to pause and give a little thank you to the man who is behind all of my adventures.  He calls himself a facilitator, while I do all the planning.  Obviously I couldn't do any planning without his facilitating.

He is so much fun to travel with because he loves to see new things.  He is always up at the crack of dawn, not wanting to miss out on anything.  He is patient, and loving, and kind, and fun.
There is no one I would rather travel the world with than my husband, Brian.
Thanks for the wonderful memories.


5Youngers said...

What a sweet tribute to your sweet husband. I love all the wonderful pictures.

Kim said...

Love the pictures!! Everyone needs a travel companion that they adore!

Laura said...

Great photos! You two are a great match ! :-)

Nancy said...

It's good to have a traveling companion that you love! The pictures are great!!

neffie said...

So nice having a loving travel companion. Great tribute. I have Miriam. LOL