Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Anyone else watching Chuck?

In my opinion, Chuck may be the best show on television.  It is cleverly written, well-cast, and entertaining in every way.  The ensemble is one of the most unique ever put together, yet each odd-ball character, each stunning spy, each awesome relative all bring their own charm to the table.  It is something we look forward to every Monday night.  It draws the viewer in with likable players caught in challenging situations without the need to stoop to the trash that most TV shows rely on.
And the serial episodes keep one waiting and wondering and anticipating what cliff-hanger we'll get hung on next week.  Watch Chuck. NBC.  Mondays at 8:00pm if you live on the West Coast.  You're welcome.


Kim said...

We absolutely LOVE Chuck!! In fact, I almost blogged about it last week. Great minds think alike I guess ;-) The oddball characters are definitely what makes the show ~ whenever we hear Mr. Roboto now, someone in our family says "Jeffster!"

Laura said...

I heart Chuck! We've watched it from day one and have been hooked from the first moment. Love. It!!