Monday, April 11, 2011

The Personalities of a House

It embraces a crowd with ease.  It offers sanctuary to a family that wants to escape the chaos of the world.  It envelops a solitary inhabitant with peace and quiet.  It has become my home away from home where I can read, write, meditate, entertain, dream, and spoil my family and friends.

I used to feel like just a guest, albeit a very welcomed guest.  When I would drive up to our beach home, I felt a little like an outsider that was treading on foreign territory.  I used to feel like I was trespassing, or merely pretending to belong.

Not any more.  As I drive up Coast Avenue to the lovely peach and beige home at the top of the hill, now I feel like it is just an extension of of my family, of myself.  It is now just the other place that I live.
Do I still pinch myself once in while to make sure I'm not just dreaming?  Absolutely!


Sara said...

Its looks very nice and welcoming to me! Sometimes I wish I could escape to the beach and stay a while or even just a night and relax.

neffie said...

I LOVE going to the beach. You're lucky to have a place to go so it's not just a daytrip down! :-)

Nancy said...

It's a beautiful place to have for a get away. There will be many fond memories from the beach house.