Friday, September 18, 2009

Time for Oktoberfest

One of my favorite times of the year:  Oktoberfest!  And this year was particularly delightful.  The weather couldn't have been nicer.  Just the drive through the beautiful valley out to Mt. Angel was inspiring, considering my mouth had already begun to water in anticipation of the delights to come.

The last several years we have attended Oktoberfest with a bunch of friends in addition to making a family trip out, but due to a busy schedule this weekend, we decided Thursday would be our best and only chance to go.  We brought Miranda along with us and the three of us had fun together.  She's a good sport to tag along with her old parents.  I took pictures of some of our favorite things so my family that is away can see, and remember, and wish they had been with us!  Enjoy!  We certainly did:  EVERY SINGLE BITE!

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Derek Young said...

Hey Sister Haws!

I'm going to be posting up a picture from Oktoberfest also. My blog is I send Laura and Sarah an email with a link to your site so they'll be looking as well.

Laura -
Sarah -

On the right on each blog will be links to other may know alot of the people.