Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's No Trouble

There is an old movie that has become a classic for many.  It features action, romance, humor, tenderness, and just plain old good storytelling.  The lines are clever, memorable, and most importantly, quotable! Many people know whole sections by heart and are quick to recite them if prompted.

One of my favorite parts is the poignant running theme of love expressed by the simple words:  "As you wish".  This lovely phrase becomes synonymous with the often overused words, "I love you". 

This past week I have discovered another phrase that carries just as much affection, just as much devotion, and just as much love as either of these.  It is the humble, unpretentious "It's no trouble".

Frequently when these words are spoken, it is indeed "some" trouble, some inconvenience, some interference with normal circumstance.  But it is the desire to downplay that inconvenience that makes the subtle statement of love. 

May we turn you out of your bed for the night, and make you sleep on an air mattress? 

"It's no trouble."

May we inconvenience you to get up at 4:00 in the morning to drive us to the airport?

"It's no trouble."

May I rest my old bones while you chase a 2-year-old around the house in order to wear her out for bedtime?

"It's no trouble."

These are only a few examples of the way my family serves me.  And it doesn't stop at family.  I have valued friends that are quick to offer help and kindness and comfort when I am in need.  And it is extended with immeasurable love and those simple words that mask the bother or inopportune timing.

It's no trouble.  As you wish.

I love you.


Laura said...

I love that movie and I love this post. It's so easy for most to say the three little words but actions speak so much louder. Wuv, twue wuv is shown in everyday actions. And when those inconveniences happen, when it's handled with a smile and with willingness, it really is no trouble. What better way to show our love than to serve and take care of those we love. I heart wuv.

PS - you have an awesome family, but you already knew that :-)

LeAnn said...

Loved it! Yes, that is such a good statement. It really is no trouble.
Having that love for others that you can and will do something for them despite the inconvience is such a great gift.
Thanks for the thoughts and blessings to you!