Friday, June 3, 2011

You Have Shown Me the World

This is my blog, and I can use it however I feel like.  Today, I feel like giving an early Anniversary gift to my husband.  So I am.

I have a surprise for you, Brian, that I can hardly wait to give.  In comparison to all the wonderful things you have done for me, this considerably pales.  And yet, I think it is pretty fun and exciting.

Consider this an invitation to a date tonight, when you will be able to open this envelope.

I love you for all the happy times;
I thank you for all the times of support;
I rejoice with you in the multiplicity of blessings that we have shared.

Hurry home.


neffie said...

Since he reads your blog I bet he can't wait to come home now! Happy Anniversary!

Laura said...

Hurry home Brian, I'M excited to see what it is. Hope you blog about it soon Ardith :-)

Happy Anniversary!!

Nancy said...

This sounds like a great invitation to adventure!!

Kim said...

I hope you post what's IN the envelope very soon as I'm not overly patient with surprises :) Happy Anniversary!