Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stop and Think

It is the only thing that works for me.

I have been running, non-stop, for the past couple of weeks.  I have traveled with my husband to Idaho.  We have spent precious time with our children and grandchild.  We have celebrated accomplishments, honored fathers, given gifts, played, laughed, and feasted.  We have reunited with family members, amused ourselves as tourists, visited aquariums and lighthouses, combed the beach for treasures, played, laughed, and feasted some more.  Exhaustive just thinking about it all.

And I have not written a single blog.  I haven't even thought about writing a blog.

But in the solitude of an unexpectedly quiet morning, I have realized something about myself.  I can't do more than one thing at a time; I am not a very good multi-tasker.  I simply can't "think" and "do" at the same time.  The past weeks of doing, as delightful as they have been, have afforded me no time to do any thinking.

And thinking is important to me.  It is the time I tune into my spiritual gifts; it is the time I connect the dots; it is the time I learn new things.

Eventually my life will slow down again.  I can't say for certain when that will be.  There are more trips on the horizon; more reunions; more adventures.  And that makes me very happy.

But I will also be just as happy when I finally have time again to stop.  And think.


Sara said...

When ever you have time to stop and think and have time to let us in your thoughts I will be here to read them and to see what you have to say! I love to read them

Outside the Pumpkin Shell said...

Oh my, I know. So many of my blogs lately have been regarding my fitness, and I swear I do so much more, and think so much more. But as I'm busy doing, I forget about being insightful, and thinking DEEPLY, and then writing about it. I'm glad to see a blog though. I don't want it to take precedence over precious time with your family, but I am glad for it. Welcome back to the place you visit when your children are away. :)

Kim said...

Sometimes it's the doing that gives us things to think about and ponder.....I hope you have fun on all of your adventures and have lots to think about when you are done!

LeAnn said...

I always say enjoy the moment. I can tell that you have much to do; but do take a breathe an enjoy the moment.
I now have too much time to stop and think. I had ankle surgery so I am stuck with my leg elevated and my ankle on ice.
I wish I could get up and go. I hope that my next week I will be almost back to normal. Meanwhile, I will stop and think.
Loved your thought today and blessings to you!

Laura said...

I've missed your posts. It sounds like you are having an amazing summer and I can't wait to hear about it when things slow down. :-)