Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gifts From Heaven

Sometimes it takes a while to process things.  Or perhaps it takes a while to have the courage to give things their proper label.  I have recently had an experience that can only be described as a gift from heaven.  We like to use the term Tender Mercies.  And that certainly fits.  But I believe sometimes experiences are purely gifts from heaven, that don't further any cause, don't solve any problems; they are merely heaven's way of putting arms of love around you.

I had been proverbially punched in the gut.  I was hurting.  I was sad. 

And God, in His loving way, turned my attention immediately away from myself.  He provided a show of nature that was remarkably unique, impossible to expect again.  And it was just for me, to be shared with my sweet husband.  We marveled.  We laughed.  We cheered.  We forgot ourselves.

It was a gift from heaven.


Outside the Pumpkin Shell said...

Tender mercies.... They remind us why we're here, and encourage us to keep...enduring...

How I'm glad you had that precious gift.

Kim said...

What a wonderful blessing! I hope you're feeling better. And I'm curious about the show of nature....but I'm always intrigued by things so you don't need to feel like you have to share :)

Laura said...

My favorite part is that you and Brian were able to share it together. Awesome.