Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Honeymoons and Exotic Places

Should you, or shouldn't you?  That is the question.  Should you take a honeymoon to some exotic place, or should you spend this important "get-to-know-you" time in a familiar setting?

The data has been collected with this conclusion:  if the opportunity affords itself to go somewhere uniquely beautiful, DO IT!  Just DON'T DRINK THE WATER!

Brian and I have tried to send our married children off in a big way.  Using points from our Disney Vacation Club membership, our gift to the newlyweds has been a Disney Cruise.  Robert and Josalyn cruised in June of 2008 down the Mexican Riviera, leaving from a port in Southern California. 

Erica and Derek recently cruised out of Florida for a honeymoon trip through the Bahamas.

Brian and I, too, were fortunate to fly off to some far away, exotic place to begin our married lives together.  We were thrilled to have a week in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.  For both of us, it was our first trip out of the country and it sounded very extravagant and romantic to us.  For the most part, it was.  Do have I any regrets?  Yes.  We had a lousy camera that took very poor photos, so most of our memories are stored on our internal memory discs.  And as unseasoned travelers to third world countries, naivete in drinking unsafe water and eating unsafe produce had very unfortunate effects.  When you are spending 24 hours a day with someone you adore, it takes away a little of the glamour when half of that time is spent in the bathroom....


Laura said...

I agree, DO IT! And all the adventures (bathroom or not) just add to the fun memories.
Larry ate at a road side stand and got monsoon's revenge. He drank so much pepto his tongue turned black. It was a very expensive phone call to our doctor only to be told to stop drinking pepto. :-)

Nancy said...

I agree, go and have a great honeymoon. Ivon and I spent our honeymoon in his oldest brothers small home. They moved out for 3 days and let us have the house. I say it's better not to spend your honeymoon in your home town, not much glamour in that! Since then we have gone on many wonderful trips and have lived overseas for 5 years ;)

5Youngers said...

I SOOOOO agree... DO IT! Mike and I were graciously given a house to spend our honeymoon in at Lincoln City. However, we have been married for 12 years and I have still yet to go anywhere beyond California and Utah for vacation. The Honeymoon should definitely be spent somewhere memorable. You are fabulous parents to gift that to the new couples. I hope I can do that one day for my kids :-)

Nikki said...

Aunt Ardith...I had the same outcome as you. We honeymooned in Cancun and unfortunately I missed the memo about water and food:) I still cherish all the memories and would do it again!