Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Apprehensive? Yes.

Determined?  Yes.  Sad?  Absolutely.

In an hour I have an appointment to meet my neighbors in their yard for the interment of a cat.  Really.  Fourteen years ago we brought a delightful kitten into our home and our lives.  Because he was adorable, playful, and furry, we decided to name him "Elmo" which quite suited him.  As he grew older and more handsome and dignified, the name didn't exactly fit anymore.  But by then he was undeniably loved and cherished with a personality that was unparalleled.  He was a cat like no other.  He was friendly and patient and acted more like an attentive dog than a typically aloof cat.

He became the darling of the cul-de-sac, working his way around to all the houses, ingratiating himself with all the neighbors.  As the years went by and the Haws children grew older with more and more activities away from home, Elmo found the extra attention he needed at the house on the corner. This is where Mark and Audrey live.  He loved Mark and Audrey.  And they loved him.

It has been an honor to share ownership of Elmo with them.  I think they bought yummier food for Elmo than I did, because he soon showed no interest in the food I offered.  Just as well.  I think they made sure he had fresh water more often than I did too.  It all worked out though.  As the mother of four, I spent most of my time concerned with the welfare of my children, and Mark and Audrey treated Elmo like he was their child, and he really liked the "only child" treatment.  Who could blame him?

Early this morning, after a weekend of careful and extensive medical care, Elmo passed away quietly and peacefully in Mark's arms, the place where he felt undeniable affection.

I can't imagine a finer life for a cat.  He began his life in the hustle bustle home of young children.  He spent his later years in the quiet and gentle care of very doting "parents".  His body will be tenderly placed beneath the soil of Granite Court, where he spent many happy years, where he was watched and cared for, where he wandered and explored and said hello to all the neighbors.

I loved that cat. I loved his beautiful blue eyes. I loved his good nature. My sweet friend, you are missed already.


Nancy said...

It's always sad when your pet (aka family member) passes on. Many tears have been shed over this process by so many loving "parents". Pets have such a way of showing their personality and love for you, it's undeniable. So sorry for your loss.

Laura said...

I'm so sorry! He was beautiful.

Audrey Puscas said...

We are absolutely devastated by this most painful loss of a precious furry child that impacted so many lives, and left eternal footprints all over our hearts...

Elmo, we will never forget you, and always hold you close to our hearts... Many thanks for the wonderful years... We love you so, so much...forever Audrey & Mark

Unknown said...

I had the honor to meet him the day of Audrey and Marks wedding. He was soooo interested in all the gifts I was carrying into the home. I pray you can keep him in your mind with tender thoughts and find comfort today to go on. Losing a pet is so hard.

Carol said...

I had the honor to meet Elmo in early July when I visited Audrey and Mark. I found him to be as wonderful of a cat as Audrey has told me over the years. And yes, I know that Elmo was their child. I also knew through their parenthood of Elmo, he had another family. I thank you, the Haws family, for sharing your pet with them. And for Audrey, Mark, and the Haws family my heartfelt sympathy goes out in the loss of your beloved cat, Elmo.

Jerry said...

I never met Elmo except in pictures that Audrey sent out. It was clear by her remarks and the photos of him that he was an extra special cat. I miss him and I never even got to know him. Blessings and peace to you all.