Saturday, July 7, 2012

Everyone Has Their Own Story

I have been reminded of a truth.  It is an obvious truth, and yet I think it is nice to be reminded of it when we forget and get caught up in thinking that everyone's life runs the same course as everyone else's.

It is true that we all are born.  And yet, I bet every single mother that went into labor has her own unique story of how each child's journey began and ultimately played out in birth, hopefully swaddled with love and wrapped safely in its mother's arms.

It is true that most of us are blessed to pass through the next phase of life called childhood.  We learn to walk, to talk, to interact, to discover ice cream, to learn joy.

Yet my childhood couldn't possibly have been the same as yours, even though we shared many of the same experiences.

Did you find love?  So did I.  Yet how fun it is to hear of each person's unique pathway to discovering it.

No one's proposal story is the same.

No one's path is the same.  Of the billions of people that fill the earth, each lives a unique life.

So why bring up this obvious truth?


It is an invalid argument, invalid worry, invalid boast, invalid anything to think for one moment that our unique life can or should be compared with someone else's.

Rejoice in your life with all of its facets that shine because they are your's alone.

If your life isn't following what would seem "normal", celebrate that!  Why would you want to have the same life as anyone else?

Every person I meet has their own story, as do I.

And I would love to hear about your's.

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Robert Haws said...

Well, I have an awesome wife, daughter, Mom, and Dad. I'm about to graduate and that is neat. And that's my story.