Saturday, May 19, 2012

To Faith and Fish: Swimming Upstream

Do you ever feel like you are going one way while EVERYONE else is going the opposite direction?  Do you ever feel like you are the odd man out, the square peg in a world of round holes?  Do you ever feel like everyone is flocking to see the latest blockbuster bust-'em-up movie, and you are discovering buried treasure in a quirky, obscure indie film that no one's even heard of?

If you are willing to step out of the expected box and take a chance on Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt as they work together to bring salmon fishing to the Yemen, then I highly recommend this movie.  It is not filled with superheroes in skin tight suits. There is not one flexed muscle in the whole show, nothing blows up; but there are heroic efforts manifest in unexpected ways, there is affection shown with tenderness while remaining within the parameters of respect and courtesy.

There is genuine friendship showing the promise of budding love. There is coming to understand and embrace the faith that we all must have if we want to break out of the dullness and pedestrian lives that we become locked within. There is beauty, courage, hope and just the right balance of charm and humor.

Sometimes it takes courage to be the one to make the turn and begin swimming upstream.  While everyone else goes with the flow, takes the easy course, great rewards can be found in being the odd man out.

And the lines are much shorter.


LeAnn said...

Lovely post on this movie. This was very well written and I enjoy reading it. I will look forward to viewing the movie. Yes, I understand exactly what it is like to try swimming upstream.

neffie said...

I sure do love my super hero movies but I also love other types. You had me sold when you said Ewin McGreggor and Emily Blunt - I just adore both of them. I'll have to check this out.