Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Not So Obvious

Some film and television stars are obvious casting choices. They may have a casual elegance, swarthy ruggedness, carry themselves with grace, or possess chiseled features that easily cast a spell and invite viewers to tune in regularly and come back wanting more.

And then there is Doc Martin.

Sorry, Martin.  Handsome, you are not.  Elegant?  No.  Swarthy?  Uh-uh.  Charming?  Not really.  Funny and quick witted? Nope.

Engaging in any  possible way?  Well, actually, Yes.  I cannot explain it. I don't fully understand what keeps me going back for seconds and thirds of this unique television show, imported from Britain and shown on PBS.

Here is a cast of eccentrics, filmed in an enchanting Cornwall village by the sea, and I can't get enough of it.  Playing catch up, we have been watching episodes from the first and second Seasons on Netflix and anticipate the deliciousness of overdosing on all that remain.

What does Doc Martin do and why does his ambivalent charm compell us so?  I believe he reminds us that we all have something very special to offer, even if the package we present is a bit lacking in, well, obvious charms!  His special gifts and skills almost excuse his rudeness, his brusqueness, his repellent personality.  He has no time to waste on trivialities, silliness, foolishness, or any of the accepted norms of regular society.

Perhaps it is like a hunt for hidden treasure.  Perhaps the outside of a person may be lackluster and easily overlooked, but with a little coaxing, a little tenacity, a little patience and kindness we can uncover a multi-faceted gem that continues to surprise us.  Just like Martin.

If you haven't looked into this surprising treasure, I suggest you give it a try.  Be prepared to pay your dues though.  Its charms may not be obvious right away, but as you come to know Martin, you will discover someone you can sympathize with, admire, and relate to in all of his awkward sincerity.

He may even remind you of real people that you might actually know.

And on television, that can be refreshing.


neffie said...

At my old job our lawyer kept telling me about it and i kept meaning to watch it..... just never did. I'll still do it eventually! :-)

Laura said...

I'll look it up. Thanks for the tv tip :-)