Monday, February 20, 2012

Introducing a Sister Blog

I love my blog.  It has become an important friend filled with my observations of life.  I am thrilled to report that it draws many readers from all over the world, most of whom stumble upon it in a number of ways, from a number of sources.  However they find me, I hope they feel the visit is worthwhile.

In my studies over the past few years, I have reacquainted myself with Henry David Thoreau, a literary name from the past that would show up occasionally on tests and pop quizzes.  Now there are no required essays, no book reports, nothing to motivate me but my own desire to educate myself.  How liberating is that!

What I have discovered is a man with timeless wisdom, humor, and matter-of-factness.  I like him. Not only do I like the things he had to say, the more I learn of who he really was, I feel a kinship to him that is undeniable.

Hence, is born Walden Pond:  Revisited.

If you are curious about this American Legend, I would encourage you to follow along.  There will certainly be a few surprises.  Henry was not afraid to say what he thought, despite its politically-incorrectness. In a word, Henry David Thoreau is refreshing!


LeAnn said...

I love the idea that we can get a great education without going to school. I like the writings of this man too.

neffie said...

You're such an inspiration! :-)