Monday, October 24, 2011

If I Could Hie to Kolob!

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?  This is not an artist's rendering.  It is not someone's active imagination.  This is the real deal.  This is a glimpse into the far reaches of our universe.

And it is stunning.

This is just one example of the images captured on the Hubble Telescope that has been in orbit for twenty years.  And I got a first hand look at the story behind this amazing tool, which has helped us take a glimpse into space.  On Saturday, Brian and I went to McMinnville, Oregon as our destination, not to simply drive through it on our way to somewhere else.

We went to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, one of the highlights being the Hubble 3D movie which we saw in the IMAX Theater.  I know much of the impact came from being in that incredible environment of  intensified sight and sound, but I was mesmerized.  I was completely engaged, with all my senses awakened, including my spiritual eyes.  I knew as I watched evidence of stars being born that creation was being documented.  I literally saw matter being organized.

If you could hie to Kolob in the twinkling of an eye?
And then continue onward with that same speed to fly,
Do you think that you could ever, through all eternity,
Find out the generation where Gods began to be?

Or see the grand beginning, where space did not extend?
Or view the last creation, where Gods and matter end?
Methinks the Spirit whispers, "No man has found 'pure space,'
Nor seen the outside curtains, where nothing has a place."

The works of God continue, and worlds and lives abound;
Improvement and progression have one eternal round.
There is no end to matter; there is no end to space;
There is no end to spirit; there is no end to race.

There is no end........

 I feel so humbled to be part of the creation portfolio of a loving Father in Heaven.  I couldn't stop thinking about how, amidst all of this splendor, God values and loves me, and counts me as His child.

We're part of something great here.

William. W. Phelps 1792-1872


Laura said...

The museum has been on our list for a while, but we haven't got around to it. I think I need to move it up. As always, I loved this post.

neffie said...

LOVED YOUR POST. You're quite an insightful soul :-) I LOVE the Hubble telescope. The images it has captured are breathtaking. I did not know that there was an IMAX movie about it and it's images.... must go. Thanks for sharing your adventure and thoughts.

LeAnn said...

This was a lovely post. I love that hymn. I had a seminary student that always picked that song when asked to choose one. I can't imagine what an awesome event that was to see space at an IMAX movie; thanks for sharing your thoughts and the beautiful picture. We are indeed something great.
Blessings to you and keep on enjoying the journey.