Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Summer of Cupcakes

They're everywhere, aren't they?  There are bakeries that specialize only in cupcakes.  There are TV shows devoted just to cupcakes.  For some reason, cupcakes have become the little darlings of the treat world.

I'm a fan.  To me, few things are as irresistable as a perfectly baked, perfectly iced little single serving cake.
I have been perfectly willing to get on the bandwagon and join the trend, and my family seems to have been willing as well.
While my granddaughter was staying with us, one afternoon was devoted to cupcake baking.  I'm not sure if my motivation was the delicious results, or the photo opportunities.  Either way, they were both very sweet.
What's the perfect thing to do while you're waiting?  Dance Party, of course!

Last week, while all of the family was at the beach, Jackie suggested we have a Cupcake War.  No throwing was involved; just seeking for bragging rights for having baked the best cupcake! 

I was overwhelmed with the creativity, the effort, the teamwork, and the mess!  But mostly I loved the beautiful, yummy results.  Thanks to all for the memorable birthday treats!
We had cupcakes that resembled cups of cocoa, and Titleist golf balls.

We had cupcakes that explored a variety of flavor profiles.

And we had some whose mastery and expertise simply couldn't be denied.  I am hereby declaring Jackie's delectable peanut butter and chocolate masterpiece as the winner.  Sorry, guys.  You know her's were the best!


Laura said...

Oh my goodness, she is adorable! I love these photos of her helping to bake. You're an awesome grandma :-)

neffie said...

LOVE those pictures! She's quite the cutie! I want to eat some of those cupcakes :-) And Jackie's sounds amazing!

Kim said...

I love every single picture!!

Nancy said...

I think Evelyn gets cuter every day!!! The cupcakes looked pretty tasty too ;)

LeAnn said...

What a very fun post; I enjoyed the pictures and thought. The cupcakes looks so yummy. I loved your sweet grandchild helping with the mixing and the dancing too.
Thanks for the smile today; I love the post.
Blessings to you and keep on enjoying those moments.

Outside the Pumpkin Shell said...

Fun fun fun!!! I have noticed cupcakes are all the rage these days. I think they're cute as can be! I love the dance party. What a joyful time!